Snarky Goodness is HERE!

Snarky Goodness specializes in Dope Stickers, Pronoun Pins, Quirky Gifts, and all things Good and Snarky! You can find hilarious and sometimes inappropriate stickers, lapel pins, greeting cards, funny celebrity prayer candles, and other goodness of all kinds!

Our little shop started out back in 2017 with just a few cute shrinky-dink pins. Since that time, we've added so much more! When we weren't in the middle of "these uncertain times" we did local craft fairs and pop-up shops as well, so look around for us in Denver now that Covid is getting behind us.

Snarky Goodness creates products that support LGBTQ+ rights and human rights, and aims to make people feel valued, seen, and represented. xoxo

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